Barbie 2017 Holiday 

The Barbie Look - Pool Chic

The global glamour Sorcha

2018 Welcome Baby Barbie

The Barbie look - Park pretty


Barbie celebrates role models

Gabby Douglas Barbie Doll

Fashionistas 2018

Barbie Graduation Day Doll

Barbie Wonder Woman Paradise Island Giftset

Barbie Justice League Gift Set


Barbie Hippolyta Doll

Barbie Antiope Doll

Moschino Barbie and Ken Giftset

King of the Crystal Cave Barbie Doll


Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. Doll

Barbie Jurassic World Owen & Claire Dolls

Tomb Raider Barbie Doll

TommyXGigi Barbie doll


Barbie Inspiring Women Gift Set

Barbie Luciana

Barbie Madam LaVinia


Barbie Star Trek 50th anniversary doll
Barbie Hello Kitty Doll
Barbie Selma DuPar James


Barbie Video Game Hero 

Barbie Fashionistas

Ken Fashionistas Original 2017

Ken Fashionistas Broad 2017

Ken Fashionistas Slim 2017

Barbie Fashionistas doll & fashions 

Barbie Fashionistas tall 2017

Barbie Fashionistas Original 2017

Barbie Fashionistas petite 2017

Barbie Fashionistas Curvy 2017

Andy Warhol Barbie Doll

Haute Hiver Barbie

Platinum Perfection….Barbie

Barbie Adores Adam Lambert
Barbie Dance Again Tour JLo

Barbie Style

Barbie 2016 Ballet Wishes Doll

Barbie 2016 Holiday Doll

Barbie President and Vice President Dolls

Barbie Star Trek 50th Anniversary Uhura, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock 


Barbie The Look - Boho Doll, Glam Party, Brunette 

Batman VS Superman - Dawn of justice - Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman

Barbie Tokidoki 2015
Barbie Water Sprite


Fire & Ice Barbie

Collection Close Up: All American Barbie, Christie (1991)

Barbie Fashionistas 2016

2016 Tall Fashionistas


2016 Petite Fashionistas

2016 Original Fashionistas

2016 Curvy Fashionistas

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2 Dolls

Hunger Games Catching Fire Peeta Mellark, Effie Trinket & Katniss Everdeen.

Queen of the Dark Forest Barbie

Barbie Fashionistas Dolls

City Shine Barbie Dolls

 My favorite Skipper ever!

Barbie Basics Collection 001.5 

Barbie Basics Collection 002.5

Barbie Basics Collection 003

Barbie Basics Collection Red


Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Gold Label Barbie Collector

Barbie Basics Collection 001

Barbie Basics Collection 002

Barbie and the Rockers Reunion Tour Barbie

Generations Of Dreams Barbie Doll


La Reine de la Nuit Barbie

Hello Kitty Barbie
My Melody Barbie

Tokidoki Barbie
I Love Lucy Dolls Job Switching


Karl Lagerfeld Barbie
Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Mad Hatter

Maiko Barbie Doll
Mutya Barbie Doll


Queen of the Constellations
Stephen Burrows Alazne

Stephen Burrows Nisha™ Barbie® Doll

The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll

The Mermaid Barbie® Doll

The Scarlet Macaw Barbie® Doll

The Wizard of OZ™ Fantasy Glamour Dorothy™ Doll

The Wizard of Oz™ Fantasy Glamour Wicked Witch of the West™ Doll

Tribal Beauty™ Barbie® Doll

Venetian Muse™ Barbie® Doll

Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Hansel & Gretel

Kelly® and Tommy™ as Alice & the Mad Hatter

Kelly® Doll and Friends — The Wizard of Oz™ Giftset
Kelly® Doll and Tommy™ Doll as Raggedy Ann and Andy

Kelly® Doll as The Witches from The Wizard of Oz™
Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

Barbie® Doll as Cleopatra
Barbie® as Athena

Barbie® Doll as Aphrodite
Barbie® Doll As Medusa

 Bob Mackie® Princess Stargazer™ Barbie® Doll

Byron Lars Charmaine King™ Barbie® Doll
Couture Angel™ Barbie® Doll

Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie® Doll
Empress of the Golden Blossom™ Barbie® Doll 

Faraway Forest™ Elf Barbie® Doll
Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® Doll

Haunted Beauty Ghost™ Barbie® Doll

Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor™ Barbie® Doll
Haunted Beauty Vampire™ Barbie® Doll

Wind Rider Barbie doll
Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll

Queen Elizabeth I Barbie Doll
Empress Josephine Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll Inspired by Gustav Klimt
Barbie Doll Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci
Barbie Doll Inspired by Vincent van Gogh

Fan Bingbing Doll

Classic Evening Gown Barbie® Doll

Laser-Leatherette Dress Barbie® Doll

Beaded Gown Barbie® Doll

 Stylin' Hair Grace Doll

Grace & Courtney® Dolls — School Spirit

Kara & Kiana® Dolls — “Music”

Trichelle & Janessa Dolls — “Art”

The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie® Doll

Barbie® by Christian Louboutin Doll

Bob Mackie® Brazilian Banana Bonanza Barbie® Doll

Bob Mackie® Countess Dracula Barbie® Doll

Bob Mackie Circus Barbie® Doll

Bob Mackie Golden Legacy Barbie® Doll

Lady of the Unicorns Barbie® Doll by Bob Mackie

Couture Confection Bride Barbie® Doll

Radiant Redhead Barbie® Doll

Fantasy Goddess of the Americas Barbie® Doll

Lady Liberty Barbie® Doll

Bob Mackie Fantasy Goddess of Africa Barbie® Doll

Bob Mackie Le Papillon Barbie® Doll

Bob Mackie The Tango Barbie® Doll

Bob Mackie Fantasy Goddess of Asia® Barbie® Doll

 Byron Lars Fenella Layla Barbie® Doll

Byron Lars Ayako Jones Barbie® Doll

Pepper Barbie® Doll

Byron Lars Coco Barbie Doll
Sugar Barbie Doll

Tano Barbie Doll
Nne Barbie Doll

Tatu Barbie Doll
Mbili Barbie Doll

Moja Barbie Doll
Indigo Obsession Barbie Doll

Anna Sui Boho Barbie Doll
Stephen Burrows Pazette Barbie Doll

Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie Doll
Tarina Tarantino Barbie Doll

Versace Barbie doll
Barbie Doll Styled by Yuming

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  1. ilove them sooo much where can I find the hello kitty doll and the blonds blond diamonds doll fpr under $100

  2. I love them all where can I fing the hello kitty and the blonds blond diamond dolls for under $100